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    The Latest: Reynolds, Fisher remembered for wit at memorial

    The Latest on a public memorial honoring late actress Debbie Reynolds and Carrie Fisher, the mother-daughter duo who died one day apart in December. (all times local):

    3:50 p.m.

    Fans and friends have paid tribute to Debbie Reynolds at a poignant, laughter-filled memorial for the late actresses.

    The two-hour ceremony Saturday was a mix of music and dance spliced with some never-before-seen footage of the mother-daughter duo reflecting on their lives.

    The ceremony was led by Todd Fisher, who lost his mother and sister one day apart in late December. Fisher said his mother didn't like memorials, so he was calling it a show that would reveal his loved ones like never before.

    Moments included a dance tribute by performers from the dance studio Reynolds founded to music from "Singin' in the Rain," the classic film that made her a star.

    The ceremony started with a video montage using "Star Wars" music to show Fisher from infancy, displaying tender moments with her and her mother interspersed with highlights from her career.

    At the end of the montage, a working R2D2 unit came on stage and mournfully beeped at a picture of Fisher and at an empty director's chair with Fisher's name on it.

    Actress Ruta Lee delivered a touching eulogy about Reynolds and her philanthropy. As with much of the ceremony, Lee sprinkled humor throughout.

    Dan Aykroyd also cracked jokes, describing Fisher as a chatterbox who never let him speak during their relationship.

    The ceremony also featured a new song Fisher's friend James Blunt wrote in memory of her.


    1:10 p.m.

    Hundreds of fans and friends of Debbie Reynolds and Carrie Fisher are packing an auditorium for a public memorial honoring the celebrated mother and daughter.

    The ceremony honors the mother-daughter duo's careers at the storied Hollywood Hills cemetery that is their final resting place. Actresses Renee Russo, Anne Blythe and Beverly D'Angelo were among the stars who arrived before the ceremony's start. It will be livestreamed on

    The ceremony's program featured a photo of Fisher as a young girl holding her mother's hand on stage. A drawing of Fisher in a Princess Leia gown and Reynolds in a rain slicker hugging each other was on a giant projector before the ceremony, and a pair of directors' chairs with the actresses' names on them were on stage. It was also being sold on pins worn by many guests, with the proceeds benefiting The Thalians, a charitable mental health group that Reynolds supported throughout her life.

    Reynolds' son, Todd Fisher, wrote in a message included in the program that his mother and sister loved a good party, and Saturday's ceremony was intended to be a be a celebration they would like.

    The afternoon was billed as a celebration of their careers, and it included a memorabilia display of a dress worn by Fisher in the original "Star Wars" and a life-size R2D2 unit that lights up and occasionally beeps.

    Two of Reynolds' dresses that she wore onscreen and her honorary Oscar were also on display.

    Other stars attending Saturday's ceremony were "Dallas" actress Morgan Brittany, actor Todd Stevens and "Brady Bunch" actress Susan Olsen.


    12 a.m.

    Stars and fans will gather Saturday for a public memorial to honor late actresses Debbie Reynolds and Carrie Fisher.

    The ceremony honoring the lives of the mother-daughter duo will be held at the Hollywood Hills cemetery that is their final resting place. People will be granted attendance at the event on a first-come, first-served basis and it will also be live-streamed on beginning at 1 p.m. Pacific.

    The ceremony is expected to feature music by James Blunt and "Star Wars" composer John Williams.

    Fisher and Reynolds died one day apart in late December. Fisher died several days after falling ill on an international flight, and Reynolds died of a stroke.

    Stars including Meryl Streep, Tracey Ullman and Stephen Fry mourned the actresses at a private memorial in January.


    Anthony McCartney can be reached at

    Cher drops from Flint water crisis movie, cites family issue

    Cher will no longer appear as planned in “Flint,” a Lifetime original movie about contaminated river water that became a main water source in the Michigan city in 2014.

    The announcement came weeks after news was released that the 70-year-old singer would star in and produce the film.

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    Cher, who has helped donate more than 100,000 bottles of clean drinking water to the residents of Flint, cited “a serious family issue” as the reason for dropping out.

    “This has been a project so near and dear to my heart, and I was truly looking forward to helping tell this story,” she said in a statement. “Unfortunately, I will be unable to leave Los Angeles during the scheduled filming as I am dealing with a serious family issue that prevents me from going on location for the April filming. I’m so glad that [producers] Craig [Zadan] and Neil [Meron] plan to move ahead, and I know that this Lifetime movie will be done beautifully.”

    According to Deadline, producers have been in the process of casting other roles for “Flint,” but the film is still on track to begin production in Toronto next month.

    The film is based on Time magazine’s February 2016 cover story by Josh Sanburn titled, “The Toxic Tap.”

    Cher’s role was a Flint resident whose family was impacted by the crisis.

    “Flint” is described as “a hard-hitting, fact-based drama that will explore the events that led to the toxic crime and shed light on politics of the poor management and the human element of residents who suffered and were ignored,” according to Variety magazine.

    Katie Couric will also serve as an executive producer for the Sony TV-produced film.

    This week, comedian Amy Schumer announced she will no longer star in another Sony-produced film as previously planned.

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    Class assignment leads 8-year-old to become bestselling author

    What started off as a school assignment led one 8-year-old girl to land on Amazon’s Best Seller list.

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    Nia Mya Reese is a student in Hoover, Alabama. She has an “annoying” little brother who constantly keeps her on her toes.

    “He won’t always listen,” Nia told CBS News.

    Nia Mya wrote a book about her experiences as a big sister titled, “How to Deal With and Care For Your Annoying Little Brother.” The book has since landed at the top of Amazon’s Best Seller list for parenting under the sibling relationships subsection.

    The book began as a first-grade class assignment last year.

    “Nia Mya shared that she was a great big sister to an annoying little brother,” teacher Beth Hankins told CBS News.

    Nia Mya’s mom, Cherinita, turned the book into a summer assignment, encouraging Nia Mya to work on getting the words and sentences just right.

    Now, Nia Mya has a fan base and attends book signing for her book. She said she learned something very valuable from the whole experience.

    “I learned to follow my own dreams,” she said. 

    Viral News

    Boy, 9, raises nearly $30K at lemonade stand for grandfather with cancer

    When Angel Sanchez’ grandfather was diagnosed with stage three colon cancer in December, the boy decided he would try to raise $100 to help. 

    With help from his mother, Sanchez, 9, built a yellow lemonade stand. 

    Through support from the community, he has been able to raise $6,700 through a GoFundMe and another $21,766 while the stand was open Saturday, according to the Las Cruces Sun-News.

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    “If you build it they will come,” his mother Chastity Sanchez told the Sun-News. “The response from the community, I can't believe this, I really can't believe it. It doesn't feel real, but I'm so humbled.”

    Hundreds of residents lined up for a cup with one thirsty and generous drinker plunking down $250 to help Sanchez.

    “He understands that people are helping him to help his grandfather. But he is also just a boy and it can be hard,” Chastity Sanchez said. “He doesn't really understand what $100 is, which was his goal. What he's wanted is to just help his grandpa not have to worry.”

    10 Tips to Keep from Overeating at a Party

    Temptations abound at parties, but celebration doesn't have to mean overindulgence. Follow these tips to stay on track.

    Say no the first time to passed hors d'oeuvres. Chances are good that food will come around again. See what's being served before you decide what to eat.

    Limit your alcohol. Inhibitions are lowered with every drink, and those cocktails aren't calorie free. Alternate alcohol with water or another calorie free drink. And don't combine alcohol with caffeine. Caffeine speeds up the rate at which alcohol is metabolized, and it masks the effect of the alcohol.

    Eat before you go. Don't go to a party starving. Eat a hard-boiled egg and an apple, a banana with some peanut butter or a slice of turkey. The protein will fill you up for few calories. You'll be less likely to binge if you're not overly hungry.

    Treat appetizers as a meal. If you're going to eat 400 calories worth of appetizers, know that that's your dinner. Don't expect to go home and eat a "real" meal.

    Survey the spread before you fill your plate. Confronted by so many rich foods, you might want to start piling up the food, but stop and take a deep breath. Think before you serve yourself (and try to serve yourself, so you control the serving size).

    Keep track of what you're eating. Don't mindlessly eat, and try not to eat and make conversation at the same time. If your eating and drinking is spread out, you might not realize how many calories you're eating. Just because you're not eating an entire meal doesn't mean that those are free calories.

    Buddy up. If you're worried about eating too many sweets, share your dessert with someone else. You'll eat less and not do as much damage.

    Use a smaller plate, or commit to just one round of food. Don't pile your food so high that's it's falling off the plate.

    Be choosy, and stick to proper serving sizes. Take only those foods you really like, and don't overload on them.

    Bring a dish, if appropriate. If you bring something healthy, like salsa with vegetables, whole-grain crackers and light dip or a large salad, you know there's at least one option for you at the party. Take small helpings of other dishes and load up on your healthier one.
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