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Posted: April 21, 2017

Horse fosters orphaned calf

A three-day-old calf.  (Photo: Scott Olson/Getty Images)
Scott Olson/Getty Images
A three-day-old calf. (Photo: Scott Olson/Getty Images)

By Jared Leone, Cox Media Group National Content Desk

QUEENSLAND, Australia —

A mare who never raised a horse of her own has become the adopted mother of an orphaned calf. 

The barely week-old calf was found beneath Moonshine, a horse who never raised her own ponies, trying to get a drink.

"It was something I've never seen before,” Gerda Glasson told ABC News. “She's never actually raised a foal; she's never been a (mother). So she might be thinking that this is her chance.”

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Moonshine, who is 16, gave birth about a decade ago, Glasson said but the young horse died. Moonshine does not produce milk, so the calf is being bottle fed by the Glassons. 

The calf is in good condition and is yet to be named. Suggestions from the Glassons’ children include Sunshine, Sunny and Horse.

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